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An instant way to look up the exact placard you'll need to stay compliant with Federal Hazmat Regulations. No guessing needed!

Placard Wizard Printer Placard Printer

Combine the ease of Placard Wizard with a print module and you have yourself your very own printing system. Forget having to keep placard inventory!

Placard Wizard Customization Customization

We can also customize your corporate system to work anyway you need by integrating with Java, Java Bean, C# and Windows Mobile

Transporting Hazardous Materials? You'll need Placard Wizard.
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Federal Hazmat Regulations are complex and confusing. Don’t guess what Placard you need. Placard Wizard has several products to meet your company’s needs.

  • On line look up service
  • Site licenses for your corporate users
  • Custom systems including mobile applications designed for your companies needs

No more ordering Placards you don’t use or having to order 50 when you only need one. See our Placard Printer system and save money. Call 636-399-4975 and order now.

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